Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Better...but far from perfect

Hi everyone:

Patty is feeling better today than she was yesterday, although she continues to have a moderate headache and is rendered breathless and weak by nearly any activity. Were you to hear her in this state, you'd be alarmed; I know I was -- even more alarmed than I was when I suffered through the film Rocky Balboa the other night, or when I experienced a commercial for Super Colon Cleanse (for real).

Of course, Patty's inability to breathe didn't prevent her from cleaning the kitchen and doing other household chores while I was out running errands this afternoon. She just asked me to include that she feels more like a real person, with real value, when she can actually accomplish something. To keep me from nagging, though, she is now relaxing on the sofa and hoping her headache will hasten its departure.

We're in a holding pattern now, as we await word from Patty's doctors about next steps. The sense we're getting is that they will push Patty toward doing more rounds of chemotherapy, based again on this supposed "success" in reducing the antibodies up to now. Our position, at least at this moment, is that we want to first hear a good argument for continuing this therapy; for example, if we hear that the second PRA number (100%) is not significant, and that only the first (58%) is, then perhaps that would give us a fair reason to talk. This whole realm is just so confusing, and it doesn't help when we're hearing second-hand messages. Arghh...


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