Thursday, March 01, 2007

Good day today, chemo tomorrow

Hi everyone:

Just a quick note to say that Patty has had a pretty strong day today, which is good news leading into her second Cytoxan/Rituxan infusion, which is scheduled for 8:30am tomorrow. I was away all day at a meeting, so Kathleen kept Patty company; I have to admit that I always feel more comfortable if Patty has another adult around if I'm away. Please keep your fingers crossed, your prayers coming fast and furious, and your optimism maximized for Patty -- we need these PRA numbers to come down. We should have new stats sometime later next week.

I'll write tomorrow after we get back from the hospital.


P.S. When I referred to Kathleen as an adult, I was using the term loosely; somehow, "monster" seemed awkward in that sentence.

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