Saturday, March 03, 2007

A nice night, a less pleasant day

Hi everyone:
Patty is feeling rough this morning, as we anticipated; her stomach is aching, and she's nauseous. If she follows the same pattern as for her last transfusion, she'll feel miserable for a couple of days, and will then slowly start to come around. She has already expressed her intent to stay pasted to the sofa for the entire day.
Our friends Cindy and Jim visited last night, and came bearing two bottles of Wiser's Deluxe, my favorite hard-to-find Canadian whiskey; for this, they immediately and irrevokably earn the "hero" designation. We watched the Leafs game; because the Leafs unexpectedly won this game (4-3 in a shootout) against a tough team, I've now become superstitious and have asked Cindy and Jim to watch tonight's game with us. Cindy stayed over, and is relaxing with us today; Jim plans to join us later.
Below are two more photos from last night:

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